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BOSS™ Hydraulic Proportioner


A game-changer for the spray foam and coatings industry.

We’ve designed and built this high-performance machine to produce the highest output of any machine on the market today. The BOSS™ hydraulic proportioner provides optimal performance through its design and the quality components used to manufacture it. We are confident these proportioners will meet or exceed your expectations, we offer a money back guarantee on every one sold.


The BOSS™ hydraulic proportioner offers:

• 2x the volume of air-driven machines
• Up to 50% more volume than other machines in the industry
• Quick Start – 4 switches and you’re ready to spray
• Minimal training time required to operate efficiently
• More energy-efficient preheaters keep temperatures at
optimum levels, cutting costs
• Rugged, aluminum construction that holds with consistent use
• Delivers both foam and polyurea coatings
• Optimized components to deliver great results at low-pressure
and high-pressure settings
• Durable, reliable, easy to maintain and service
• USA-built with highest quality in mind

Technical Data:

• Preheat options• 64 lb/min. maximum output
• .1000 gal/cycle output each cycle (A & B pumps)
• Fluid inlets 3/4” npt with 3/4” npsm union
• Fluid outlets
– Component A (ISO) #8 (1/2”) JIC with #5 (5/16”) JIC adapter
– Component B (Resin) #10 (5/8”) JIC with #6 (3/8”) JIC adapter
• Fluid circulation 1/4” with thermoplastic tubing (3000 PSI)
• Parts contacting fluid: stainless steel, zinc plated, carbon steel,
aluminum, chrome, brass, PTFE, Viton O-rings
• Weight: 650 lbs
• Dimensions: D 32” x W 36” x H 54”


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