BOSS Sizzlin’ Summer Sale

Before you get overheated…take a few moments to cool off, and check out this incredible deal worth $2,000 in Extra Value.

Purchase any air-driven BOSS Machine + 150’ Heated Foam Hose + BOSS Spray Gun (all at regular price) and get 1-set of open or closed cell foam at no cost (U.S. only) ….PLUS free shipping!

Call today for our “Sizzlin’ Summer Special” – 1 (888) 640-BOSS



Features & Benefits

Powerful and Larger Heating Elements for More Material to Reach Desired Delta-T
Air-Driven Machine with 5” or 6” Motor
Easily Attainable Components to Minimize Downtime
Easy to Power-on and Power-off
Digital Heating Controls
Hose Heat Transformer for Up to 400 Feet of Hose
Designed to Spray Up to 2,000 PSI (5” Machines) or 3,000 PSI (6” Machines)

Technical Data

Preheat Options: 6,000 or 12,000 Watts
Maximum Fluid Temperature: 195 Degrees
Fluid Inlet: 3/4“ NPT with 1/2“ NPT Outlet
Fluid Outlets:

Component A (ISO) #6 (3/8”) JIC with #5 (5/16”) JIC adapter
Component B (Resin) #6 (3/8”) JIC with #6 (3/8”) JIC adapter

Fluid Circulation: 1/4” with Thermoplastic Tubing
Parts Contacting Fluid: Stainless Steel, Zinc Plated, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Chrome, Brass, PTFE, Viton O-rings